Thursday, June 13, 2013

How the WILD West is Worn: Paris Montana NOUVEAU WEST Style

As a fav sayin goes: "A good friend will bail you out of jail, a BEST friend will be sitting next to you."  

The last time my BFF Claudia--since our growing up years in Montana--was sittin next to me long enough for us to get into that kind of trouble, we were heading to Cali out on the open road, top down, with a cutout of Brad Pitt on a stick in the backseat! LOL! 

In just a couple weeks, we are loading up the Paris Montana Blacktop Boudoir Airstream, and she's joining me on my annual selling trip out West (up North if you want to get all technical) to our home state of Montana where Mama Luv and the gang will be setting up camp. 

Custom Dyed Lace and Leather Chaps
Burnout Velvet and Lace Tank Tunic

Since every trip has to have a theme, we're celebrating "How the WILD West is WORN" Paris Montana NOUVEAU WEST style by showcasing our latest collections of ruffled chaps, burnout velvet and lace tunics and Baroque & Rusted Jewelry.
Baroque & Rusted Jewelry

Come see us at our first stop in Livingston, MT July 2-4th! Or shop online at

See you down the road!

Heidi- Paris Montana