Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Home Is Where Your Mama Is

Bonjour Ya'll,

Some years back I gave my mom a fridge magnet that said "Home Is Where Your Mama Is." While my mom and sisters and I have always been a closeknit bunch, this homespun wisdom really rang true on our Paris Montana or Bust Tour that my mom joined me and my fabulous artist friend Meg Harper on this summer.

As always we had a BIG time...including driving through golfball sized hail and technocolor rainbows in Montana, encountering a hole as big as the Grand Canyon in the middle of nowhere Wyoming, and desperately trying to figure out how to kidnap a 20ft pink dinasaur with flirty eyelashes in Vernal, Utah.

But what warmed my heart and soothed my soul was working alongside Mamere (nickname from trip to Paris)/Mama Love (from movie The Client) at our shows across the West. During a downpour at one show when our awning threatened to set sail, Mamere held down the fort while I piled jewels into the Blacktop Boudoir. When we got to Yellowstone Park and realized there were no campsite hookups available, she agreed to sleep in the trailer in a parking lot. And Mama Love is now responsible for the single largest sale in Paris Montana history because she took the time to befriend a customer who just needed a little encouragement to unleash her inner fabulousness!

I thought bringing my mom along would be a little harder but worth it. Silly me. As has been so often in my life..she brought me along...with her knowledge about why there are ripples in the freeway, how beattles in the Colorado trees are part of nature's plan, and why it's so important to live out loud no matter what age or stage in life.

Here's to Mamere/Mama Love and to all our Mamas who continue to show us what's really important in life.