Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Barrett-Jackson Extravaganza

Barrett-Jackson ROCKS! This 14 hours-a-day, 7-day straight glamour packed event never disappoints...and this year was no exception!

For the past 7 days from 9ish am to 10ish pm every day we were at this premiere auto event at Westworld in Scottsdale surrounded by hot cars and gorgeous people.

We had so much fun bejeweling our fabulous customers for their day and evening wear. One of our favorites this year, Christina, purchased and modeled "Gabrielle" from our rhinestone street chic line onstage to help her hubby sell his cars!

And our Paris Montana Wear shabby slip line was a big hit as well. I love this one with the rose train on the back!
Check back for more from our Rhinestone Street Chic and Paris Montana Wear shabby slip lines!
See ya down the road.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Vintage Bridal Show

Sometimes things just work out. We just got our first line
of Paris Montana Wear done...and were invited to participate in the premiere Phoenix Bridal Show this last weekend. Sooo my good friend Tricia, http://www.vintagebliss.typepad.com and I dressed in our finest Shabbies and Paris Montana baubles and headed to the Phoenix Convention Center.
We had a teeny tiny space that felt like a walk in closet. Diva Tricia said it wasn't big enough for the both of us and her bustle...but I loved it! :-)

We had the best time helping several brides to pick out vintage jewelry for their big day. And best of all, we helped the sweetest bride to pick out one of a kind Paris Montana Wear for her bridesmaids. She was so excited to have one-of-a-kind vintage dresses that were unique and affordable!

We love the comfortable shabby chicness of Paris Montana Wear for everyday, but it was also fun to see the brides get excited about our vintage wear.

Next we are off to Barrett-Jackson Classic Car Show Jan 17-23.

See Ya'll Down The Road!