Thursday, February 11, 2010

Layers and Layers of Fabulous Bling for Spring!

Greetings Ya'll ~

We started 2010 with a big party at Barrett-Jackson in January. Despite evacuation of the big tent due to high winds and rain one evening, we had a ton of fun and met lots of new friends and customers.
Big THANK YOU to Hinkley Lighting for bringing us a fabulous chandelier to light up our world. And to my assistant, Kristen (pictured) for her sunny smile and creative style!

Really exciting was the buzz around the Paris Montana Street Chic line. We have been busy adding more to our collection for upcoming shows. Here are a few of our fabulous layering pieces. Love making these, laying them and wearing them...For me.. the more textures, colors and styles you layer together the more fabulous you look and feel!
Come see us 7-10 pm Thursday, Feb 18 during Melrose Crawl, in front of the impossibly bohemian chic Sirens & Saints Phoenix boutique
Let's have some fun layering ourselves in fabulous baubles and bling for Spring!
Check back for details on our participation at Parada Del Sol Rodeo events! Yee Haw!
See you down the road gypsy girlfriends!