Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Paris Montana HOME

Bonjour Y'all! Here at Paris Montana we listen, and listen to our guests well! We hear you say that you love our store decor and you sometimes ask if it is for sale, and we regretfully have to say no, but Not ANYMORE! We have picked out a few pieces we J'adore and now have them for sale in the shop. These bamboo mats are tres' chic and look fabulous in any home!
Gorgeous pillows to add that perfect finishing touch to your spot of Paris in your home!

We are also bringing in a few vintage and repurposed home furnishings like this gorgeeeeeous mink and iron bench. Would look great at the foot of a bed or at a vanity. Oui' oui'!

We hope you'll stop in and see what new and exciting treasures we're bringing in, because once they are gone, they are gone!

See ya down the road or in the City!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

New, New and New!

Helloooooo Dawlings! Now that we are back from Texas and the gypsy winds have blown through our hair here at Paris Montana, we are filling the store with all of the inspirations that were put to life while away! We've received these gorgeous smoky grey tap pants with flirty fringe to catch every French man's eyes! Ooh La La! We've also fluffed up our new signature super soft fur coverlet. Add to any little black dress or let us put a dreamy outfit together for you! Open late Thursday evenings, don't forget! Kisses, dawlings!

See you down the Road or in the City!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Gypsy Road

Howdy Y'all! Back from where my soul meets the road in Roundtop,TX! There is something about getting out on the open road with no set date in mind and just driving with your little shiny Blacktop Boudoir in tow. It feeds the Soul. It reminds you of where you start and where you are headed.

Being on the Road brings new ideas and new friends.
Thank you to all who stopped by the Blacktop Boudoir to say hi and who took home the "goods"! We'll be back in the Spring with more amazing creations and finds!

And part of the Gypsy road was this in my front window for 1100 miles! Haha! A cute little pink palace that caravans back to Arizona by the name of It definitely fills the soul to travel this way!

See ya down the Road or in the City!