Thursday, October 28, 2010

Paris Montana At Scottsdale Fashion Week

Tory Burch...Stella McCartney...and PARIS MONTANA!

Nov. 4-6, Scottsdale Fasion Week celebrates its fifth year and Paris Montana has been invited as a local indie designer sponsor!

Up-and-coming trendsetters, alongside nationally and internationally renowned names, will show their collections during dozens of shows at Scottsdale Fashion Square Drive north of the new Barneys New York. Fashion icons like Kevan Hall, Luca Luca, Ted Baker and Lloyd Klein, as well as an impressive retailer line up from Scottsdale Fashion Square, will grace the runway with their vibrant and fashion forward creations.
Go to for event times and locations!
Paris Montana Blacktop Jewel Box will be there all weekend showcasing our newest Street Chic Salvage and vintage uppurposed Roadkill Couture jewelry Lines.

See you down the road!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Blissfully Tricia!

There's a special gypsy girl out there who flits from show to show selling her amazing wares and laughing and loving the ride along with the rest of us lucky enough to call the open road and a cow pasture in Texas or a warehouse parking lot in California "going to the office!"

She shows up and sets up alongside the rest of us... But when she's done with that, she chronicles the lives of us gypsies...and shows the rest of the world all the amazing treasures and adventures that find us through her pictures, her magazine and her blogs and links ...and she pretty much helps our gypsy world go round.

Her name is Tricia Samsal of the vintagy and vixeny world of (Pictured here with me at a gypsy gala.)
During many a roadtrip together (last one involved border patrol and a miniature truckstop kitten named Kitty Galore) she has become a good friend and someone I admire for her talent (check out her creepy chic doll head bottles), sense of adventure, bootstrapping, good hair in impossibly humid weather, and her "as long as we have glitter and batteries in the camera"...outlook on life.

This past weekend Tricia got a little gift from the gods...Actually from the lovely Linda Carpenter, owner of the uber chic Urban Barn in Escondido.
Tricia is now the proud owner of a little vintage honey that is being transformed into the Bliss Lounge.
We will be traveling together with our gypsy be sure to look for us out there on the highways and byways!

See Ya'll Down the Road!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Urban Barn Street Faire and Gypsy Market This Weekend!

Only in California is there a place called the Urban Barn. This uber fabulous convergence of all things vintage combined with industrial chic in the super posh Escondido sunshine is the brainchild of gypsy extraordinaire, Linda Carpenter, of Le Maison Rustique fame.

We have been invited to showcase our baubles from the Paris Montana Blacktop JewelBox at their Street Faire and Gypsy Market this Friday and Saturday, Oct 15-16 from 10-5. Would love to see you there!

Be sure to check their blog for more info/directions!

See Ya'll Down the Road!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Pixie Glitter and Roadkill Raccoons

"How much fun can we have before we go to Prison?" was definitely the theme of our trip to Roundtop/Warrenton Antique Week during fall show this last week. So how much fun was it to find this great plaque from Angels, Saints & Sinners?!?!

First, my partner in crime (Tricia, Vintage Bliss) and I had the clever idea to drive straight through from Phoenix to Austin where my sissy Kim was waiting for us to pick her up on the way to the show. I was so excited to see her that 18 hours seemed like no big deal...(pictured here with me in front of the Paris Montana Blacktop Boudoir.)

Along the way, we hit a few bumps in the road: Got stopped by Border Patrol and had to unload half of the trailer, got pulled over AGAIN in Fredricksburg for excessive speed (7 miles over the limit!!!) and, sadly, after taking a Chevy Chaseesque wrong turn down a 2-lane country highway...took out Rocky Raccoon. Sorry little guy!

But once we arrived, got set up and sprinkled pixie glitter all around...the magic took hold! Having my sister Kim working with me rights my world. We are a year and half apart (she's older dammit!) and my whole life it's been me and her and nothing seems real until my sister knows...

Par usual, we met all kinda characters, saw old friends, made new ones and reveled in being in a field of wild grasses in the middle or nowhere Texas, that literally overnight transforms from a population of 77 to 4 billion!

A few other highlights....
- Meeting Rachel Ashwell, the Queen of Shabby Chic at the Junk Gypsy Prom

- Wearing my hoopskirt/spare tire cover as my prom dress

- Laughing with Tricia till our sides hurt at all the ridiculous things that happen when two gypsies are staying in a 17 ft trailer together for 10 days...

- Having Angela, my wonderful customer/friend, model (and sell!) one of my rhinestone bib pieces in Magnolia Pearl booth during opening day at Marburger

- Realizing that my fair skinned sister used 237 baby wipes (my entire supply) during her three day stay
- Selling one of my couture rhinestone necklaces to rocker Dee Snyders' web/social media gal for him to give to his wife for Christmas

- Spagetti and Disco night at Royers' Cafe

- Being invited by Junk Mafia guys to call in to their "Junk In My Trunk" radio show

- Watching a guy walk by my trailer with a duck on a leash...

There really is no other place like this in the world. If you haven't been, mark your calender for the spring show in late March/April (dates TBA). You can find us in the courtyard behind Zapp Hall in Warrenton!

See Ya'll Down the Road!