Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Let er rip!

So I've noticed that a lot of us high energy creative gypsy types seem to have "been through the wringer" (as my mother would say) a time or two when it comes to our men and relationships.

I had my heart ripped out and trampled on a couple years ago when my husband of 13 years up and left me. I was in the 1% minority of women who didn't have a clue that he was leaving till he was out the door.

I spent the better part of a year blaming myself for being so willful and independent. Why couldn't I have been a little more Stepford and a lot less Mae West? (I tried. I learned to play golf for cryin out loud!)

Then one day I woke up and thought "screw it!" I am going to let my light shine as bright as I want. I am going to be loud and full of ideas. I'm going to grow my hair back long and sing Free Bird out the car window at the top of my lungs.

My true self is what I was owning up to when I recently met my true match and mate. He said I talked to fast. Made his head hurt. Was careless with my heart, time and money and a total pain in the a*** And, that it was vitally important to do whatever it took to protect my childlike nature because that was more beautiful than all the clutter and chaos I could create.

I have felt mostly lucky in my life...But this was one of those moments when I felt truly blessed to have another chance at love being who I really am.

I believe that when it comes to men, and most matters, letting them see you "let er rip" is where Grace lives.

Bless you sistas...and the men who love us...anyway!

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