Monday, June 1, 2009

This One's for Andy

Bonjour Ya'll,

Paris Montana is an over-the-top bohemian jewelry flea market showcased in a vintage Airstream trailer turned blacktop jewel box boudoir.

With Paris Montana or Bust as our motto and gypsy wanderlust in our soul, down the road we go selling our brand of couture, vintage, repurposed and cheap chic jewelry salvaged from Montana cow towns, Paris flea markets and the asphalt jungle of Los Angeles.

Check our website for upcoming shows.

Love to see you down the road!



  1. Great blog concept, I will keep in touch.

  2. Love your new blog! I first saw your stuff at the Bohemian Soiree, and bought 2 gorgeous rings & a bracelet. I've gotten tons of compliments on the double pearl ring, and always tell everyone all about your stuff whenever they compliment it :) Glad to see your blogging now and keeping us up to date on your travels. Will you be setting up a twitter page?