Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Genteel Poverty

When asked during an interview where her creativity originally sprang from, Robin Brown "Pearl" of whimsically fantastic Magnolia Pearldom responded "poverty and imagination."

I love that. I learned the hard way that making lots of money doesn't necessarily make you rich. While I am grateful for the business experience and the lessons (and ok, the Ritz Carlton) I learned in the corporate world, there was not much room for my imagination to roam.

It was only after my mini empire collapsed that I began to feel my life again and to experience everyday stuff in a whole new way. And to appreciate what I already have. And to wear my fabulous jewels...

There is still that business cougar in me that wants to grow my little business into something bigger and better and magically fantastic...And I believe I shall...Only this time I am leading with my heart.

ps-Trust yourself to know the next move - wisdom from amazing fitness instructor I had somewhere along the way.

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