Friday, June 5, 2009

Duck Tape and Gorilla Glue

Somehow I ended up in this do-it-yourself world without the crafty gene. Creative? yes. Sewing, measuring, sawing? no. BUT I don't let it stop me. My secret weapons of choice? Duck Tape and Gorilla Glue. Works on 92.7% of whatever I need done... (Like glueing my beloved Paris Montana skull back together AGAIN after a particulary nasty crash and burn.)
That and a fabulous pair of pearls will get a girl through almost anything.
You don't throw a life away because it's banged up a little...You patch it with Duck Tape and Gorilla Glue and get on your horse and ride... Seabiscuit Movie + Paris Montana wisdom

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  1. Wow, hello!!! I love this blog! I love your background! Nice to meetchya'!

    Have a nice weekend.