Sunday, September 12, 2010

Roundtop or Bust!

Greetings ya'll,

"Move 'em on, head 'em up, move 'em out...Roundtop!" My friend and fellow gypsy Tricia, Vintage Bliss, and I are on the Road to Roundtop in just another couple weeks. Yee Haw! We will be at Zapp Hall in Warrenton. Look for the shiny Paris Montana Blacktop Boudoir Airstream trailer! (Don't you just love this bona fide French Roulotte from South of France.)

Speaking of the Paris Montana Blacktop Boudoir...good thing we got a new axle...because it is loaded to the hilt with all the treasures we have gathered in our travels this summer...Wait till you see Tricia's fabulous boho chic bottles...and we have a whole new line of the "blingiest" "shiniest" most Texified rhinestone bohemian cowgirl fabulous bib necklaces you have ever seen!

And..CAN'T wait to preview our newest fall collection....think recycled fur and lots of vintage bling...Safe travels!

See ya'll down the Road at Roundtop!


  1. I ADORE Gypsy Vardos/Roulottes... dream of having one someday though they are most impossible to find here in America. *le sigh* I have recently ordered a couple of fab French books on them by Jeanne Bayol and can't wait to receive them so that at least in my imagination I can dream of what mine would be like! *swoon*

    Wish I could be there in Roundtop... perhaps for the Spring Show... it's definitely one on my 'Bucket List'.

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. Yep....I'm heading out from Cali to make my 1st appearance at Round Top & I titled my blog...Texas or Bust! I'm so darned excited I may just leave a week early & sleep in the car...LOL No really, I'm thinkin about it. Takes the stress off of trying to get there by a certain date...I'll just be a week early, Yeee Hawww!!!
    Can't wait to see the shiny trailer & meet you! {we buy & sell vintage trailers & have probably had about 50, but we never put a shine on like arms hurt just looking at it!!lol}
    Safe travels...
    Susie Que

  3. Dawn, there is a big gypsy rendevous in S of France every year...I think Jeanne Bayol writes about it in one her books. Tres Fabulous!

  4. Hope to have a chance to come visit while you are here in Texas! Xo

  5. HOPE to see you there. The clock is ticking isn't it? Pray for cool weather.


    If you can access Facebook I have your pics up from the stuff!!

  7. I have blogged about you here:
    It was a pleasure meeting you and hope you have a safe drive back home.
    - Teresa Yates