Monday, August 23, 2010

Forget Purple...

When I grow old, I'm going to wear Iris Apfel glasses with my baubles and pearls.

Along with Coco and Mae West, Iris is another I adore for her fearless unapologetic style.

So I knew it was fate when I stepped into a trendy boutique in the Melrose District while on a recent trip to LA...and there they were. THE GLASSES I have coveted for so long. For $12.99. Which is really one of the best parts, because, while her glasses undoubtedly cost a gazillion dollars, Iris is known for pairing a kicky little H&M leopard skirt with a Sable Mink coat. She is that perfect combination of back alley and haute couture that we so revere at Paris Montana.
Another little secret? She may be 80-somethingish, but she never got old. Like her, I'm skipping most things purple, and
trading in old for growing bold in style and fabulous accessories.
See you down the road!


  1. Right there with you sista!!!!! She rocks!!

  2. Yeah Baby! Now there's a trail blazer for me. Love to be different! So happy to learn about her here in the back woods of Wimberley, Texas. And I might'd look good in anything.
    Weekend Blessings ;-)

  3. Yes, iconic fearless style looks good at any age doesn't it! Growing old may be mandatory but growing up is totally optional IMO... I'm a Great-Grandma but I still love my eclectic Bohemian Gypsy style and refuse to trade my sense of style or point of view for what is allegedly "in" or the norm... how boring! *wink* I love to rock my Magnolia Pearl ensembles or Christian Audigier Tees with flowing Gypsy Skirts or Vietnamese Pajama Pants every day! You go girl... luv the glasses!

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  4. I think she is so cool!

  5. Very well purple for me either.