Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ode to a Rock Star

Sometimes you just have to stop and thank your lucky stars. I have wonderful family and friends. I love my business and my customers. I had dinner last night with my gorgeous amazing and hilarious stepdaughters....And, not only is my boyfriend gorgeous, smart, funny, sweet and kindhearted but he's, well, a rock star. He just got these promo pics done and I had to share because I am so proud of him for pursuing his passion...and let's face it, for making me feel cool.

But, most important, behind the cool shades and James Dean looks, he's the kind of guy who keeps his word and makes things happen. He's the one who said "go for it" when I was deciding whether to jump corporate ship to pursue my dream. He was the one who moved my sofa into his already full loft when it became painfully obvious that my decision to "go for it" was going to put a bit of a cramp in my lifestyle. And he's the one I come home to to share this wonderful crazy gypsy life he knows I have chosen. Like I said, "he's a rock star."

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  1. Hi Heidi,

    Love our rock stars! I went back to school to get a degree, then quit teaching community college English so I could pursue my art. And my rock star hubby encouraged me to go for it, and still does today! I'm a flower power gypsy at heart with a serenading rock star partner on a groovy ride of Life!!