Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Alchemy of Glamour and Grit

After customers ask, "where is Paris Montana?" (see previous post) they often ask, "what is Paris Montana style?" It's not trendy and it's not exactly boho chic...or straight up couture...It's more....

"Glamour and Grit?" I say...

"Yes! That's it!" They gleefully reply while layering Coco Chanel style pearls with tarnished vintage metal crosses and fringe leather earrings. Or while discovering the sheer fabulousness of combining 3" gold wrist cuffs (one for each wrist) with an oversized flower cocktail ring to wear with their favorite tank and jeans.

The alchemy of combining Glamour and Grit is finding your own unique style and reclaiming a bit of your joie de vivre. As Claudia Strasser says in her wonderful book, The Paris Apartment, "If you let yourself wear beautiful things you will feel like the goddess or movie star within."

Amen sistas! See you down the road!

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  1. Buona Sera Heidi! you are on the road back to Arizona....loved meeting you a la Maison Rustique, you are so bellissima. Baci Rita