Thursday, July 9, 2009

Paris Montana or Bust Summer Tour 2009

Can't believe it's only been a little less than two weeks since my fabulous friend and amazing artist Meg Harper and I packed the Jeep to the gills and left Arizona with the Paris Montana Airstream trailer (aka Blacktop Jewel Box Boudoir) in tow to do the Montana Circuit!

In this pic is my gorgeous Mom (photographer asked if she was a model) me and my sister Kimberlee at the ArtFest in Livingston.

My future is in bonds
How do you put a value on your family showing up wherever you are to set up and sell all weekend just so we can all be together? And what about my best mate Grant flying in for the weekend to spend some time together?

Some families have a trust fund for security. We have invested in bonds that have nothing to do with money but produce dividends beyond what any one of us will ever need to be well cared for in this lifetime (That and I always have a warm bed, clean towels and People magazine when I show up).

I feel like a grammy winner where so many great people and opportunities led to where you are standing right now that your mind short circuits on what to say and who to thank and the gratitude tears start flowing....

BUT here are a couple of Paris Montana of Bust Tour 2009 Highlights:

Before leaving I got my copy of the totally boho chic mag/rag Blissfully Traveled, published by Divine Diva Tricia Samsal. Paris Montana was on the cover AND we got a full page of wonderful photos. Thanks Tricia! You can find her and her wonderful creations through the Domestic Bliss Studio website/blog.

Driving through Zion National Park, Yellowstone National Park and coming over "The Top of the World" Beartooth Pass with the trailer in tow.
Stopping first in the town of Virgin and then in Beaver to to get "I love Beaver" bumper stickers, hats and tee shirts for our men. (Seriously, you can't not...)
Our first show was in Livingston, MT over the 4th. It is a picturesque town surrounded by 3 mountain ranges. The show was a blast AND Paris Montana won Best Booth and Best of Show! It was a huge honor and we got our picture in the Bozeman Chronicle.
Butte was...well, Butte. Somehow this historic, rough and tumble mining town of 30,000 won the bid for the International Folk Festival. 70,000 people descended over 3 days. The music was amazing and we sold lots of Paris Montana baubles and bling.
This is a week of hiking, biking, writing and rest in Missoula, my alma mater and favorite Montana watering hole.
Gypsies always on the go...we are off to Polson next week for the Cherry Blossom Festival.
See you down the road...


  1. You are brillant Sis! I LOVE your writings... Not only are you super cute - but smart, clever and very fashionable!

  2. Miss Heidi, it looks like you are having a blast. Thank you so much for participating in the magazine. Can't wait for you to get back os we can catch up and maybe go on our own gypsy adventure! Good luck and safe travels!
    Hugs, Tricia

  3. Just found your site and it is awesome!!