Monday, July 27, 2009

Jewels and Jitterbuggin

What better way to end our Paris Montana or Bust Mid-Summer Tour than with a farmer's tan and a little spontaneous jitterbuggin in a field of sweet grass with a bona fide ranch hand!

We whirled and twirled and I may have been a little breathless in the end, but I still had all the moves (at least on the dance floor!) of those gorgeous horsewomen we met at the Event at Rebecca Farms, where we spent our last week in Montana.

These gals were the best of the best riders here for the Olympic tryouts. But, just like we suspected...when something glittery caught their eye, they couldn't help stopping by to see what Paris Montana was all about.

As always we made a bunch of new friends and sent them all off with Paris Montana baubles and bling.
We are making our way back to Arizona and will let ya'll know where we plan to be next.
See you down the road!

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