Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Gypsy Road

Howdy Y'all! Back from where my soul meets the road in Roundtop,TX! There is something about getting out on the open road with no set date in mind and just driving with your little shiny Blacktop Boudoir in tow. It feeds the Soul. It reminds you of where you start and where you are headed.

Being on the Road brings new ideas and new friends.
Thank you to all who stopped by the Blacktop Boudoir to say hi and who took home the "goods"! We'll be back in the Spring with more amazing creations and finds!

And part of the Gypsy road was this in my front window for 1100 miles! Haha! A cute little pink palace that caravans back to Arizona by the name of It definitely fills the soul to travel this way!

See ya down the Road or in the City!


  1. I remember a few years back when I meet you and your sister in Prescott! You didn;t even have a web site yet! I bought a beautiful scarf right off one of your necks!!

  2. You look absolutely adorable in that ensemble... I'm LOVING that Top! I'm also Loving the Jacket I got when I was in the Shop, the new Creations are fabulous! Glad the Texas Adventure was a great success.

    Dawn... The Bohemian