Monday, July 18, 2011

On the Road Inspirations

Corsets, corsets, corsets we've got corsets on the brain! All this on the road action has our minds at Paris Montana thinking we need more of these beauties roaming the ranges and the streets! We're searching the planet for the most eco chic, frenchy fabulous corsets you've ever seen! You thought we had cool corsets before, oooh girl! Just you wait! We're almost back.......

See ya down the Road and in the City!


  1. Hi are you coming to Round Top again?? I hope so! I'll be there a week and I can't wait to buy from you again and take photos of your booth for my blog. Every one loved the photos!!!! Hope you'll be there! Come see me at, xoxo-cindy

  2. Can't wait until you get back with your great finds! See you then! I have a few to share with you!