Monday, March 7, 2011

Paris Montana In the City

After two years of gallivanting Down the Road in the Blacktop Boudoir, we have decided to settle down....NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Actually, we have decided to live the Paris Montana Dream full out, which is equal parts City Chic and Gypsy Glam.

While we will never lose our wanderlust (click on the Blacktop Boudoir for our On the Road Schedule), as Virginia Woolf said, "Every woman needs a room of her own." Or in our case a Design Studio and Boutique, where we can create fabulous baubles and design statement wardrobe pieces that are runway daring and wearable chic.

Check out this fabulous, (and affordable @ $89) custom crushed velvet corset I am wearing. These stretchy numbers comfortably fit women size 4-14 and look adorable over a tank or tee and your favorite jeans or a ruched skirt. Wait until you see the Buckskin Corsets we have designed....

Paris Montana Design Studio & Boutique will open early April off 5th Ave on Marshall Way in the heart of Scottsdale's arts and emerging Indie Fashion District.

Check back for times, dates and details.

See you down the road...and In the City!


  1. Congrats to you! I hope it is everything you want it to be! I look forward to coming in and enjoying the fabulousness it will be!

  2. Congrats again Heidi, I know it will be amazing! I ran a Post of you yesterday from the Street Fair... and that fab necklace I purchased (LOVE IT!)... An adorable Gal from Norway that sings for Magenta loved your work and left a comment for me... she has a blog called Vildes Verden. I Hope she links up with you as she'd look amazing in one of your couture pieces!

    Hugs... Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. - and hopefully you will be online as well, so people over here in Norway can get hold of your designs?

  4. Thanks for lovely comments. We are excited. Yes, Vildes, we will have online events, too! Dawn is sooo right! You will look amazing in our designs!