Sunday, October 17, 2010

Blissfully Tricia!

There's a special gypsy girl out there who flits from show to show selling her amazing wares and laughing and loving the ride along with the rest of us lucky enough to call the open road and a cow pasture in Texas or a warehouse parking lot in California "going to the office!"

She shows up and sets up alongside the rest of us... But when she's done with that, she chronicles the lives of us gypsies...and shows the rest of the world all the amazing treasures and adventures that find us through her pictures, her magazine and her blogs and links ...and she pretty much helps our gypsy world go round.

Her name is Tricia Samsal of the vintagy and vixeny world of (Pictured here with me at a gypsy gala.)
During many a roadtrip together (last one involved border patrol and a miniature truckstop kitten named Kitty Galore) she has become a good friend and someone I admire for her talent (check out her creepy chic doll head bottles), sense of adventure, bootstrapping, good hair in impossibly humid weather, and her "as long as we have glitter and batteries in the camera"...outlook on life.

This past weekend Tricia got a little gift from the gods...Actually from the lovely Linda Carpenter, owner of the uber chic Urban Barn in Escondido.
Tricia is now the proud owner of a little vintage honey that is being transformed into the Bliss Lounge.
We will be traveling together with our gypsy be sure to look for us out there on the highways and byways!

See Ya'll Down the Road!


  1. Lucky girls...can't wait to see pictures from your road trip together!!

  2. Awww, you make me cry, happy tears. Thank you so much for the shout out, laughs and and just all around good time! Kitty is being fluffed dried again! ALways a blast with my "pearls and duct tape" friend!
    Hugs, T

  3. So nice to meet you in person at the Melrose Crawl and see your awesome creations and Gypsy Caravan that evening. I've been enjoying your Blog for a while... you are as gracious and fun as I imagined you'd be.

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  4. Love Vintage Trailers & the Gypsy Life...what's better then that! We have a '59 Pathfinder & love going on Vintage trailer Rallies with her Enjoy your fabulous adventure!

  5. Thanks for all the love gals! Dawn, love your spirit and your style. Nice to meet you too, Boho Gypsy Girl!