Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Country Thunder and Ron

Well Country Thunder was a hoot! Fun to see all the characters who come out for this four-day country musicfest at the historic Canyon Moon Ranch in Florence, AZ. And, after so many years in corporate America, I never get tired of my "office" being a lush green field of wild grasses.

A major highlight was listenin to legendary Willie Nelson under a star filled sky. That one's gonna stick with me...
My most fun customer award this time goes to Molly, Randi and Ron. Molly's just plain and simple a Paris Montana girl. She fit right in and looked fabulous in everything she tried on (and bought!). Randi was just the cutest little pregnant mom, who was right there with Molly...and Ron? Well, listen up gals, his job was to stand there and look cute...give the girls money...and carry their packages!!! Best part? He liked it!!! I don't know where he came from...but I think every girl needs a Ron.

See ya'll down the road!

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