Sunday, November 1, 2009

Paris Montana Online Januuary 2010

Bonjour and Happy Holidays!

I have had many wonderful comments asking us when Paris Montana is going to be selling on line, including one delightful comment from Suzanne in West Virginia:

"Oh,PLEASE...FOR THE SAKE OF US ON THIS SIDE OF THE U.S,IS THERE A SITE FOR YOUR ITEMS? I meant to sound desperate in hopes that there is a site;)!!Good luck in your travels!!" Suzanne!

Oh, bless you Suzanne. And to answer your question, we are working on a site and our plan is to be live by January 1. Happy Holidays!

See ya'll down the road and soon online.


  1. Hi there..just added a post on my blog about the Vintage Vixen Sale..was nice to meet you and to see your lovely things!


  2. I had so much fun at Blissfest. You received the most glamorous award on my blog. :)