Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Glam is in the Air

Paris Montana is on the road this fall with an tres chic collection of dark glam and rusted elegance scavenged and salvaged from Paris to Montana and back alleys and biways in between.
Join us and our other gypsies on the go at Vagabond Nites Thursday, Oct. 15 to celebrate the grand opening of Saints and Sirens located next to Rust and Roses on 42nd and 7th ave in the very shi shi vintage Melrose district in Phoenix. This clothing store is OVER THE TOP with a combination of boho chic and vintage elegance that is perfection!
Next we are off to see our oh so chic California girls to adorn ourselves and our homes with all things vintage at the Vintage Vixens gala October 24th, 2009 ~10 am to 5 pm~2809 Sterling Ridge Ct.~Chula Vista, CA 91915
See you down the road!

1 comment:

  1. I'm in LOVE w/ everything that I've looked at on your blog;especially your cuff bracelets! They're so unique & they do have a "grit & glam" look & feel to them. Unfortunately,I'm in WV...so far away from your shows. Is there any site that your items can be purchased?
    Also,do u have a pic of the Cophenhagen can that u can post or is it totally re-done in your style that I've just overlooked it?
    Oh,PLEASE...FOR THE SAKE OF US ON THIS SIDE OF THE U.S,IS THERE A SITE FOR YOUR ITEMS? I meant to sound desperate in hopes that there is a site;)!!
    Good luck in your travels!!